Dynamic video creation

We create personal and relevant videos. No, not by hand. We generate them based on personal data from your customer or based on a large set of audiences. Join the online marketing revolution and get personal and relevant!

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Dynamic Video Advertisement

Get the most out of your video advertisements using Affectivity; the evolution of video marketing. Our platform makes it possible to deliver dynamic video ads to any ad server and specific target audience groups in real-time . So instead of creating one ad by hand, we create hundreds of them for various target groups including personalised elements. We personalise the content based on personal details like someone's age and gender, product feeds, contextual data or any other date the specific ad platform has.

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Personalised Video

The Affectivity platform lets you easily create the most personal video content and campaigns. We combine technology, data, and creativity to create the most relevant and shareable videos. Engage with your clients and users in the most personal and fun way by including personal details like someone's name and photo, our full in-house team is ready to create the most successful personalized video campaigns, specifically for you.

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Endless application possibilities

Language management

Easy language management. World wide campaigns with ease.

Remarketing for e-commerce

Make your potential never forget about you and your awesome deals!

Productvideo webshops

Create hundreds of product video's for your webshop with ease.

Time/Location based content

 Render video's for time and location specific purposes, automatically!

Increase loyalty

Stand out in the crowd and connect with your audience on a personal level!

Support & involvement

Real-time support by a professional team.

How it works

It is all done in just 3 simple steps:

1. Collect data

Input your data or collect them automatically.

2. Process data

Our servers will use this data and process it into your video's

3. Shipment of your video

Done! Your video is ready for download, mailing or to show up in a campaign!

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What we believe

Video is a powerful tool, but unfortunately, it is often used too generic. We believe in the power of personalisation. Because we know that as soon as a piece of content was created 'just for you', we grab your attention and you are willing to invest more time and attention. Creating relevant, thoughtful customer experiences and increased conversion and retention rates as a result.