Dynamic video advertisements

Online Personalised video advertisements, rendered in real-time targeted at your audience. Affectivity provides all of this and more. Our systems and experts on online video advertisement will help you set up and execute a dynamic personalised video marketing campaign. We provide a full service with a personal approach for business, and a fully automated system to target your audience.

Target audiences

Dynamic video advertisement provide the option to specifically focus your videos on a given target audience without the need to create dozens of video’s by hand for every audience separately. Just provide the data of the different groups you want to target, and Affectivity’s system will take care of the rest. Our systems are able to create ads with, for example, footage of your specific city or landmarks. This example is ideal for city marketing purposes.

Personal Advertisements

Personal targeted video ads can be designed in any given way. Whether you want to show a specific product the customer has shown interest in, or use a person’s name in a video for a personally targetad email campaign, Affectivity makes it possible.

Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing campaigns are without a doubt the best type of campaigns for your ROI. This remarketing can be made product and customer specific for an even bigger ROI boost. Video’s, focussing on a specific product will be rendered specifically for the customer interested in that product, all automatically! It's almost magic.

Easy language management

Send out video ads globally with the ease of a national campaign! Real-time rendered video’s give the freedom to target different languages and countries with a world-wide campaign without the need for manual editing for each language separately.

Dynamic Product video's

Affectivity’s system let you import a list of every product in your shop. The system will then create and render video’s to target potential customers with the product in the spotlight in which this potential customer has shown interest.

How it works

The inner workings of Affectivity in three simple steps:

1. Collect data

We gain our data through several collecting methods (corresponding to the customers wishes).

2. Create video template

Our creative video team create a template for the dynamic video.

3. Import in ad traffic

The template will automatically be filled with the right content and placed via, for example, adwords.

Dynamic video advertising

We at Affectivity provide a full-service solution for dynamic  video advertisement. Our systems and experts on the topic of online video ads produce dynamic video advertisements, rendered in real-time, in order to baffle your customers.


Whether you want to create an advertisement for different specific focus groups, personal commercials, implement language management or fire up a product based remarketing campaign, our systems will do the job.


The power of dynamic video advertisement is the personal touch and the power that comes with it. A personal targeted advertisement is more likely to result in a conversion. However, making a different video ad for every single customer by hand is simply impossible. That is where Affectivity comes in! Our servers will create a dynamic video advertisement based on the preferences, interests and products viewed by your customers. These video’s will then be rendered in real-time and show up on the timeline of this given person. He or she will not only see the exact products they were looking for a few minutes before, they will see them in a video, in their own language with a price point. Created just for them!


Keep in mind, these video advertisements will be rendered by our servers, which are fed with the data. These data driven videos are created without the intervention of people to slow down the process. A dynamic personal video advertisement can be done in a few seconds to a few minutes!

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