A customized video, just for you

Stay relevant in a world that is overloaded with video content. Our solution combines personal details and creativity to create the most relevant video content.  Doing so is the perfect way to attract, engage and convert leads and customers. It is time to get personal!

Customer relationship management

Affectivity’s systems provide a unique way to enhance your customer relationship management. With personalised video’s, linked to your customers specifically (and personally), an extra level of engagement is achieved. We can provide a new way to manage your company’s interaction with current and potential customers. Video’s will be sent automatically to your customers in a whim. Contact us to discuss the options which would be most suitable for you.

Brand Loyalty

Stay connected with your customers using personalized videos. It is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and wow your customer like never before. 


Invite your guests by means of a personalized video, nothing could be more engaging! It is not only the perfect way to communicate all the details but also make your event the talk of the town. Collect videos and photos during the event and thank the visitors for coming by sending a personalized aftermovie, including their own videos and photos. Create the ultimate event experience, use Affectivity! 

Branded campaign videos

Our tool makes it possible to include data uploaded by the users themselves. Our experts are ready to create the most shareable personalized videos. It is the perfect way to engage with clients, turn them into brand ambassadors and create new opt-ins: all at the same time. 

A warm welcome

Make a new customer or client feel valued and welcomed by means of a personalized video. Attract and engage by including personal details, and making them part of the story. It is a powerful first impression, helping you to build a one-to-one relationship with every single new customer. 

Our story

 Thanks to our solution it is possible to import individual personal data into a personalized video format. So instead of creating one video at a time, we are able to create hundreds of thousands of unique and compelling videos in bulk. It was proven that this method dramatically increases customer engagement and experience, so it is time to get personal!


To personalize the video, we include personal details from for example your CRM or DMP system, like somebody’s name, age, and hometown but also contextual data like the weather, date and time. Our personalized videos do not have to conform to a specific video template. We are a full-service solution, so we do not only create the creative concept that suits your style and vision, but we also take care of the video shoot, edit and the required graphics of course. Our digital marketers are there to measure how well the video performed, and plan ways to iterate and improve. All to ensure that the required results are delivered and the goal is achieved!